Daryl Lynch Photography

Allison Forbes

Tamworth Country Music Festival 2018 - Countdown Week

Courtyard, Wests Digger

14 January 2018

Allison Forbes and friends, Steve McCauley and Sara Byrne, together forming a new trio "The Broken Halos".

Allison Forbes grew up just outside Tamworth with the Country Music Festival significant in her life. Watching the stars gather every year in her home town, she yearned to be a part of it. Allison dabbled in every musical genre over the years. On the turn of a coin she was accepted into the prestigious CMAA Academy of Country Music in 2011 where she learned how to refine herself as an artist and a songwriter and to embrace what had always made her different to everybody else. She has spent two years travelling, writing, learning and more recently playing in small outback towns of Australia. Since beginning her songwriting journey, Allison has been invited to perform at the Tamworth Chamber of Business Awards, the esteemed Roll of Renown Concert where she represented John Williamson at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and she has graced the stage with the likes of Golden Guitar winners Luke O’Shea and Bill Chambers. Two songs she co-wrote with close friend Sally-Anne Whitten made their way onto Sal’s new album and the new single found itself released on the widely distributed “Taste of Tamworth” CD at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Allison spent time in the studio with ARIA winning producer Shane Nicholson recording her debut EP. She was announced as one of the top 20 finalists in the running to receive a scholarship to the Australian International Conservatorium of Music. Allison expresses warm but edgy vocals thrown onto a classic country pillow with a dash of bluegrass on the side. Heartfelt, emotive lyrics in a unique country folk style. Allison's calling – to change the face of Country Music.